Donations are always welome, but your time, energy and heart are the most valuable contribution of all.


We don’t need professionals – just caring folks with an hour, or a day to touch the life of a special person.



Mentor An Adolescent

All adolescents and “transitional adults” benefit from regular contact and positive relationships with adults other than parents.

Want to play or listen to music, hike, cook, work out, go to fun events, do art projects and just “Hang” with an awesome 14-20 year old?

Join Our Therapeutic Camp

This  year My TreeHouse will partner with Wilshire Baptist Church to sponsor   summer Adoption Day Camps. The first session will be June 25th – June 27 for first -5th graders. Session Two will be July 16-July 18 for three to five year olds. Both Camps will run from 9:00am-12:00pm.

 We are in need of volunteers and counselors for this camp. Please contact Rosalind Funderburgh if you are interested in helping.

A major goal of My TreeHouse is to provide regular safe, fun social activities for children, adolescents and families.

We will be scheduling these several times a year beginning in Fall, 2017. If you would like to chaperone an event for children or adolescents let us know your availability.

Chaperone A Social Event

Mark your calendars for the
October 24, 2017 My TreeHouse annual fundraiser in Dallas, Texas.

If you can help with set up, check in, check out, donate items to the silent and live auctions, sell tickets, we need your willing hands and hearts.


Help At A Fundraiser

How Can YOU Help?

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Case Management


My TreeHouse recognizes that many families face barriers that reach beyond questions of access to services. Just determining what services are needed can be overwhelming. We help determine priority needs and find the best clinical services, creating opportunities for growth, education and support.

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Parent Support Groups


It can be hard to understand the tremendous amount of energy that goes into adoption parenting. Parents need to be active in finding emotional support for themselves. The company of other parents can energize you to take care of yourself and find validation in the company of others who have traveled a similar path.

Join our monthly parent support group

2nd Fridays 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Wilshire Baptist Church
Room 1205L
4316 Abrams Rd. 
Dallas, TX 75214 



Speaker Series


We all function best when armed with knowledge and education. My TreeHouse schedules four speakers each year on pertinent topics. Come learn what these adoptive moms have to teach us!

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Parent Events


Everyone enjoys having lunch, brunch or dinner with a small group of like-minded friends. We schedule fun get togethers regularly. Come and join us!

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Mentoring And Peer Support Groups


Often adopted children and teens feel different and are relieved to find others’ lives and experiences are very similar. In our peer support groups, kids can ask a question, share experiences and find support and friendship with others who have walked their path.

Peer Support groups will begin once we enroll 4 students. Contact us if you child is interested in participating.

Therapeutic Camps


My TreeHouse will partner with Wilshire Baptist Church this summer to hold Adoption Camps for 3-6 year olds and 7-11 year olds. By giving children the opportunity to interact with other adoptees, promoting self awareness and self esteem, building social skills and honest communication,   campers cement enduring bonds of friendship and leave with a new, healthy set of tools for navigating life.

Enroll now for our Summer Adoption Camp. Scholarships are available.

Call Rosalind at 214 808-0370

Ages 7-11     June 25-28 9:00 am-12:00 pm 

Ages 3-6         July 16-18 9:00 am-12:00 pm

Life Skills Coaching


As teens become young adults, sometimes they need a little boost in skills, self confidence and pursuing their dreams. 1:1 life skills coaching encompasses individualized goals for each person. This might be help finding the right job, enrolling in an educational program, learning to drive or use public transportation, finding a healthy peer group or developing an avocation. Check out this creative, non-threatening way to boost skills

Contact us to set up an evaluation.

Finding Appropriate Services


Navigating the maze of services is often overwhelming. My TreeHouse case-management can help your family prioritize needs and resources, review past testing and services, find competent service providers, and educational services.

To set up an appointment

Rosalind Funderburgh, M.Ed.
214 808-0370