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Your generous support provides for scholarships, family case management and therapeutic support for adoptive families who would not otherwise receive these services.

The Susan Ayoob Memorial Fund

The Susan Ayoob Memorial Fund is dedicated to providing  evaluations and mental health services to adoptive families. This fund and 100% of donations will be used to subsidize the cost of intervention to help children and adolescents develop into healthy, happy and productive citizens. 

Susan Sami Ayoob, passed away in 2019 after her battle with cancer. Her life was characterized by courage, grace, and dignity, and she never stopped fighting the good fight. Suzie had a passion for life, her family and friends. She had a way of hearing the call to care and comfort others through her generosity, wisdom and love.

She worked tirelessly as an instructor with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), providing education, practical insights, and resources for families who are experiencing the challenges of mental illness. 

Susan was also involved in co-leading a Mom’s support group, sponsored by the Grant Halliburton Foundation. She offered ongoing support and comfort to parents needing help.

The Susan Ayoob Memorial Fund is a tribute to her hard work and dedication to helping others. Susan worked hard to research and find appropriate resources to help, not only her family, but other families understand mental illness, how to parent children from hard places and how to best help overcome their challenges.

Join the community who support Susan’s mission.  All contributions will be specifically designated by the board for projects that continue Susan’s drive to address the impact of mental illness on families.